Do you have a question about hunger and homelessness? Following is a list of resources that can be used to learn more about homelessness in America.

  1. The Wikipedia entry for homelessness gives a comprehensive overview on the history and social science of homelessness. It also provides information on the social and financial resources available for homeless individuals and families, as well as information on current issues in homelessness (healthcare, census counts, etc).
  2. The Melville Charitable Trust is dedicated to finding the fighting the causes of homelessness and has information on their funding guidelines and grantee partners. They also have a ‘Resources’ section of various other organizations working to end homelessness andwho aid those in need.
  3. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides a state-by-state listing of local homeless assistance programs.
  4. There are numerous newspapers published across the US that focus on poverty, homelessness and street news. A detailed listing can be found by visiting the North American Street Newspaper Association‘s website, but here are a few: