Day 168, January 16, 2012 MLK Day

by Stephen on January 17, 2012

Day 168, January 16, 2012 MLK Day.

I will start by acknowledging this great American who certainly deserves having his birthday, his life and efforts to unite ALL of us celebrated.  In terms of MOMM I want to start by apologizing for being out of touch for so long.  I will admit that some of it was technical, some of it my laziness but there is a part of it that doesn’t want to admit or accept or actually believe that I just finished walking 1460+ miles pulling an 80 lb trailer from Missoula, MT to Los Angeles, CA.  There is a certain amount of me “not wanting or being able to let go”.  I walked the last 8+ miles with my old (relatively speaking) friend Benjamin Fitch and my new friend Bob Dixon (Dixon Roller Pack).  I enjoyed and relished the company.  Unfortunately in terms of PR I had chosen the official New Year’s Day holiday and Rose Bowl Monday to end my journey.  I remember observing that I had never seen downtown Los Angeles so empty.  Everybody in L.A. was at the Rose Bowl or at home watching the parade and game.   I am thankful that ABC 7 LA showed up to cover my finish and the people waiting from the LACW were there on their day off to welcome me and celibrate my finish.  I remember walking and talking down 6th avenue but when we got close I looked up and saw the street sign announcing “GLADYS” and it hit me.  I stopped in my tracks and looked at Ben.  Ben knew what had happened and with a nod he went ahead to the finish line in order to film it for me.  I turned to Bob and thanked him and then ceremoniously asked him to go ahead of me.  I wanted to finish the last block alone, by myself.  In the time I spent waiting for them to get their ahead of me I thought of Rachel, her Andy, my family and friends, my mom and all the “Road Angels” who helped me do this crazy thing.  The tears didn’t come easy because finishing was hard to accept on many levels but finishing the march as a way to memorialize Rachel’s life was foremost in my mind and heart.  I miss you Rachel Lynn.  I love you.  Please accept my “crazy march” as my way of showing  you how much you meant to all of us.


With all my love, from

“Crazy Uncle Stephen”



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Kimberly Alley January 17, 2012 at 2:30 pm

Made me cry. I love you my brother, and my kids Crazy Uncle “bunkle” Steve.


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