Stephen Millhouse has walked in the shoes of the homeless. As a homeless Veteran (U.S. Marines) in both Los Angeles, California and Missoula, Montana, he’s experienced the challenges of living on the street and relying on local support programs. The experience taught him lifelong lessons in gratitude, humility and compassion. Now, he’s embarking on a personal mission to address the challenges of homelessness and hunger in America by once again lacing up his shoes. This time, instead of walking in the shoes of the homeless, he plans to walk for them, over 1,460 miles—the distance from his current home of Missoula to his former home of Los Angeles. Along the way, he hopes to raise $1 million for programs addressing homelessness, hunger and food insecurity.

Why 1,460 miles? Research shows that an average homeless person walks between three and five miles per day in search of shelter, food, water, health care services and other things required to live. As Stephen says, “The homeless don’t get a day off. They walk every day. I know I did. So I took a four-mile-per-day average, multiplied it by 365 days. It comes to 1,460 miles in a year. That then became my target.”

Stephen then created a walking route that would come as close as possible to the 1,460 figure. You can see the route map and read the description here.

While Stephen will accept donations of any size to his effort, he’s asking individuals for only $14.60, one penny for each mile he walks. Learn what you can do

My One Man March for the Homeless Press Release
As an actor, I’ve worked hard to get inside a character’s skin and walk around in it, including that of Bob Ewell, the racist villain of “Mockingbird” a decade ago for the Montana Repertory Theatre. In real life, I’ve worn the shoes of a U.S. Marine, a Postal Service letter carrier, a Missoula County Sheriff’s deputy, a clinical therapist and a custodian… More

For a complete Media Kit, please contact myonemanmarch@aol.com. Stephen will make himself available for presentations about homelessness or to simply talk about his experiences as he travels through communities. To make arrangements, please contact myonemanmarch@aol.com.