Welcome to My One Man March (M.O.M.M.) for the Homeless

My name is Stephen T Millhouse and I am walking 1,460 miles (from Missoula, MT to Los Angeles, CA) in order to raise $1 million for successful programs addressing hunger and homelessness in America. Living as a homeless Veteran (U.S. Marines) taught me lifelong lessons in gratitude, humility and compassion. Now I want to give back. Learn more

Why 1,460 Miles?
Research shows that an average homeless person walks between three and five miles per day in search of shelter, food, water and health care services. A four-mile-per-day average over 365 days equals 1,460 miles a year…a number that became my target.

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FOR JUST A PENNY A MILE, or $14.60, you can combat hunger and homelessness.
The money raised from the M.O.M.M. project will be granted back to programs with a proven track record of success and in the four states along my route.